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Sunday Offertory

Your Sunday offerings are what sustain the Parish and all its many programs. Without your support, we would not be able to offer the services and programs which are available to all parishioners. We rely on, and thank you, for your generosity.

Offertory Envelopes are available by telephoning Sheri Belloni at the Parish Office, 479-1560. Boxed sets of envelopes are sent out annually, or upon request.

The Parish also accepts Visa / MasterCard for offertory and other designated monetary gifts. Charges are processed after the 15th of the month. If you would like to be part of the V / MC program, please call Sheri Belloni at the Parish Office, 479-1560. Use of the Visa/MasterCard program helps the parish sustain its income over the summer months when parishioners are travelling and the offertory contributions decline. Please consider this method of sacrifical giving.

In January, parishioners receive a Statement of Offerings to be used for their tax-filing purposes. The statement includes Sunday offertory, as well as all second collections, Annual Appeal, and any special gifts made to the parish. The Parish does not report offerings to any federal or state tax board.

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